How I Survived Being A T-Shirt Chair


Congratulations on getting elected!  You now have the best, yet chaotic, position in the chapter, besides homecoming chair of course. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride.

During the time I had as T-Shirt chairman for my chapter, I have seen about everything. It was one of the best experiences I have gone through. 

My first and most important tip of advice for you is, organization.

Personally, I wrote every event and everything we needed a shirt for. Then, write it in your planner. You will start to forget that you need to order shirts. Write it two weeks before the due date in your calendar just as a friendly reminder. Don’t be like past T-Shirt Chairman, who forgot to place an order, and was stressed out for Mom’s Day as the shirts arrived ten minutes we were leaving for the festivities. 

Don’t forget to just stay aware of inspiration around you. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and when I say that I truly mean it.

Pinterest boards, Facebook feeds, shirt swaps, and trips. I went to South Padre Island for Spring Break two years ago and took a picture of a guy’s shirt at a dark bar. Though it was an awkward thing to explain to him when the flash went off, it was easier because he was a brother and understood. 

Don’t stress yourself out over it, make a game out of it if that helps you.

I recall a day where after a full day of classes, working two jobs, going to meetings, and a phone call to my mom, I had come home to two shipments of shirts.  For many of you, including myself, six boxes of shirts in a small room could easily become overwhelming.

Take it to step by step. I first sort them out by sizes, and then start adding names to them.

With multiple orders coming in, I had made stacks for each person with a post-it on top so you can pass them out a bit faster. 

-Alexander Bargen, T-Shirt chair at the Southeast Missouri State and a University Tees Campus Manager

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