6 Tips For Saving Money For College

College is said to be, “the best four years of your life” between the opportunities for self-growth, traveling with your new found friends and being on your own for what may be the first time! It is your first step into adulthood.

For most students, this will be the beginning of dealing with personal finances and finding ways to manage your money. These tips and tricks will give you the ability save cash for whatever you plan to do when you’re not in class! 


Take Advantage of Student Discounts

One of the biggest perks of attending college is the student discounts. You can save so much money using apps like UNiDAYS. You get discounts from over 150+ brands from clothing, traveling, tech, etc. If you are shopping in person do not forget to ask if the store offers student discounts. Even if it’s only 10% that money will add up and can be spent elsewhere. 


Apply For Scholarships

With college expenses on the rise, finding scholarships to apply for would be a great way to decrease your yearly tuition. With search engines at your fingertips you can research through various websites to find the perfect scholarship for you. Some of my favorite websites to look at includes: Niche.com, CollegeBoard.org and Unigo.com 


Skip On Eating Out

There are numerous delicious recipes you can find online that will compel you to skip the meal out of home. Eating in, if you routinely buy meals at restaurants can easily add up. That is why by increasing homemade meals or even subscribing to a home delivering service you can save big. 

Bonus: Inviting your friends and family to help prepare the meal can be a great way to bond and save time on meal prepping!

Find a Summer Job

Summer is the perfect season to find a temporary job. Not only do most places hire around this time period, but since school is not in session you can work as many hours as you please. If you decide to go into the restaurant industry, I suggest saving up all your tips and spending your hourly income. Another way to save money would be the 80/20 rule. You can expend 80% of your income and save 20% for college. This will give you leeway to have money to spend during the summer on anything you like and also have money saved up for your future endeavors in college. 


Rent Books 

Buying college textbooks can be stressful especially since they can range up towards $200.  Be sure to verify if your school has a Facebook page you can join and see if upper classmen are selling books that you may need. Or rent textbooks online using websites like Chegg.com which can help you save tons!


Sell What You Don’t Need

If there is one advice, I wish someone informed me on it’s the fact that no… you will not wear your whole closet from home. There is a huge chance that one day you will get tired of dressing up for each class and from that point on its t-shirt and leggings every day. To earn extra cash try selling your clothes that lives in your closet on apps like Depop or ThreadUp. This leaves extra room in your closet for future purchases and helps decrease luggage space when you are packing for school.

There are so many ways to save up money for your school year to come! You just have to find one that can be implemented in your day to day life. Keep track of yourself financially and see consistent spending habits that can be avoided, like entertainment. Baby steps is key and soon you’ll be naturally saving money in no time.  

-Gabriela Ferrio, Campus Manager and University of Tampa Student