A Bucket List For The Student Workin’ Their Butt Off This Summer

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Looking for some fun things to do this summer in between long shifts and trying to catch up on sleep? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of fun challenges and things to remember while you spend the next few months making all the money.

  1. Find the best coffee shop in your town

Whether that’s just trying out every coffee shop in your area or going all-in to find your ultimate café, you’ll get to explore new spots AND get your caffeine fix! Plus you can’t deny the fact that cute local cafés are way more fun than Starbucks.

2. Try one of those money saving challenges

Try and push yourself by doing a savings challenge! Not only will your bank account probably thank you, but who says you can’t have a little shopping spree at the end of the summer after all of your hard work? A few easy ways to get started: try saving every five dollar bill you get, or maybe set aside twenty dollars from every paycheck. It adds up quickly!

3. Read something

Why not set aside some time and read? You could sit on your couch before heading off to work or go all out and spend your entire day off hammocking, reading, and (most importantly) being unplugged. Besides, who doesn’t love a good hammocking session?

4. Find a hobby

Even if its coloring in those adult coloring books, do something that makes you happy. Bonus points if it’s something really cool like learning to juggle.

5. Attend An Outdoor Concert

Find the perfect venue in your area or take a road trip with friends! You deserve a night off enjoying the summer weather with some good music.

6. Take A Break From Your Phone

Try putting the phone down and see how much better it’ll make you feel. During the school year, it’s hard to make a commitment to taking a break from technology when you need it for school. In the summer, you can get away with it! You’ll thank yourself later.

7. Have fun

Remember, while you may be making bank working forty-plus hours a week, you are still a normal human and should be setting aside time to have fun and hang out friends.

-Written by Tyler Postma, Student and University Tees Campus Manager at The University of Northern Iowa

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