Five Tips for Packing Light this Summer

Summer is a time for weekend travel and going with the flow. It’s for rolling down your windows and freckles popping up on your face. You want to be prepared, but you don’t want a heavy suitcase weighing you down. So, here are some tips for packing light but still having everything you need:

1. Bring *ONE* small to medium sized bag. This will not only save you time and energy, but it will force you to only bring what you need.

2. Stop letting yourself bring stuff “just in case”. Trust me, you don’t need it. You are going to a music festival in Chicago, not a fashion week in Paris. You need one bomb outfit for the two days you are there, something to wear to bed, and something to travel in. That’s it. If you think you *might* need it, don’t bring it. If something comes up (which it probably won’t), you can borrow it or buy it wherever you are.

3. Be honest with yourself. Will you really work out visiting your friends lake house? No. You won’t. You will need a swimsuit and your favorite UTees sweatshirt for the chilly nights. Decide exactly what you will wear each day and make sure it’s something you love and you are going to be excited to put on and take instagram pictures in!


4. Have your clothes be neutral, versatile, and stuff you love. If you have two pairs of pants and three shirts that is already six different outfits. That is nearly a week’s work of clothes. 6 pairs of socks and underwear plus your comfiest pair of shoes and you are set.

5. Leave space! Hopefully, wherever you are going is cooler than where you are coming from. You will want to leave plenty of space so that you can bring that cute purse you love. Then when people ask you where you got it you can say “a little boutique in Texas!”.

There you have it. Five easy tips to being a packing legend. You will find once you start packing light you will find that you have extra space in your small bag when your large bags used to burst at the seems. Packing light makes traveling simple and easy. You will be happy you did it. Now go and enjoy your summer!

-Ellie Vonderhaar, Campus Manager and Student at Marquette University