Disaffiliation Survival Guide

Work week, matching oversized Comfort Colors shirts, and getting the sweetest new sisters is just around the corner! Summer days are here to stay, until the fall comes around, and with it comes recruitment.

It’s one of the most exciting parts of the year for everyone in sorority life, even the recruitment guides. But let’s face it, though recruitment cannot function without the hard work and dedication of those girls, giving up your letters and disaffiliating from your sorority isn’t always easy! Aside from taking some time to remember and appreciate that sorority recruitment is nothing without you, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you rock your time as a recruitment guide!

1. Bond with some Panhellenic Sisterhood and self care!

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.02.49 PM.png

All of you have given up your letters for the same reason: you want to help other girls find their homes!  Take this as an opportunity to make close friends in other chapters; after all, you’re all there for the same reason! Need some ideas for fun fall bonding? Nothing beats an early fall s’mores bar complete with fun marshmallow flavors and different candies, coffee runs during work week, or even a nail date to relax and unwind before the busiest week of your year begins! Recruitment can be exhausting, but you don’t have to go through it alone!

2. Stay Connected

Just because you’re disaffiliated doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with the sisters you chose during your own recruitment season! Although you can’t always be together, make sure to plan ahead for senior bar crawls, sisterhood events, and bonding right after you run back home yet again! A spa night with all of your sisters is a great way to reconnect, but so is a fun outing to a theme park or movie for everyone to be reunited with your old friends and newest members. No sisterhood is complete without matching shirts, so don’t forget to plan ahead for all the fun!

3. Show your Panhellenic Spirit!

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Okay, so you may be missing out on your chapter’s work week and recruitment shirts, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice representing sorority life on campus! The Charles River Apparel Camden Crew is perfect for the cool fall weather, and nothing beats a first day of school Recruitment Counselor tee. Talk with your fellow disaffiliated sisters about starting an order of Panhellenic apparel so you can still feel like an active part of the sorority community-- as cheesy as it is, no matter the letters you are better together!

Lastly, take the time to remember why you are doing this. It may be tough, and you may feel distanced from your chapter, but retaining friendships while making new ones (and looking amazing doing it) can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your sorority career! Don’t forget how much your selflessness and willingness to promote Panhellenic sisterhood is treasured by the chapters and potential new members. Go rock recruitment!

-Katie Bick, University Tees Campus Manager and student at Willamette University