5 Recruitment Conversation Starters that WON'T make you sound like a robot

We all know recruitment is exhausting for both parties. After having the same conversation over and over again, you tend to run out of things to talk about. However, every PNM (and chapter!) deserves the best impression, so here are 10 conversation starters that’ll keep the convo interesting and engaging!


1. Clothes

This is the easiest thing to talk about! What you’re wearing, what they’re wearing, what they’re wearing tomorrow, etc.


2. What they did this summer

This is an obvious conversation topic, but really use it to keep the conversation flowing. If they went on a vacation, ask how the food was! If they worked, transition into the “what’s your major?” conversation!


3. This or that?

You want to have conversations that they’ll remember. Play a fun game of this or that and ask fun questions like: Beach or Mountains? Dogs or cats? Sweet or salty snacks? Coke or Pepsi? etc. It can start a fun conversation!


4. Easy questions for them

The last thing you want to make a PNM feel like is like they’re in a job interview. Ask them questions that are easy for them to answer, such as things about their family or their hometown. That way, they feel relaxed and comfortable in your house!


5. What do they want to know?

The best thing you can do in a conversation with a PNM is make them feel comfortable in your house. One way to do this is by asking what they want to know about your chapter. Letting them ask questions and you answer them makes the conversation feel like a two way street and not a presentation.

All in all, just be yourself! Recruitment can be stressful, but it’s supposed to be a fun experience for both parties. By making the conversation flow, an enjoyable experience will be had!

-Kyleigh Davis, University Tees Campus Manager and student at Baylor