7 Iconic Graduation Songs Guaranteed To Make You Cry

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You made it it to the finish line - Graduation. The “real world” looms on the other side… but not before you spend a few more nostalgic days reminiscing on the good times!

And if Spotify has taught us anything, it’s this: every emotional situation is better with a playlist.

To help you get through all the feels you’re about to experience, we asked our team to share the best graduation songs that will help you get in one more “good cry.” So gather your best friends, throw this on in the background, relive the best of the best stories, and bring on the waterworks!

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  1. “Closing Time” -Semisonic

  2. “Graduation (Friends Forever)” -Vitamin C

  3. “We Are Young” -Fun

  4. “The Climb” -Miley Cyrus

  5. “How Far We’ve Come” -Matchbox 20

  6. “See You Again” -Wiz Khalifa

  7. “Forever Young” -Jay Z

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