5 Ways To Step Up Your Insta Game All Summer

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.50.38 AM.png
  1. Keep It Consistent!

    Look at your feed as a whole before posting an individual photo. Using apps like VSCO can be super helpful when keeping the editing of photos consistent! -- check out this post for ideas!

  2. Set up a posting schedule

    There are apps available that remind you when to post, and the best times to post based on your profile! This app even lets you schedule posts on the go!

  3. Turn anything into a photoshoot!

    Out to brunch with friends? Out in the city? No problem. Pictures out & about make for super cute content.

  4. Use Instagram highlights

    Wanna post pictures of food, locations, etc but don’t want it on your feed? Instagram highlights are perfect for keeping them separated & featured on your profile!

  5. If it isn’t perfect, don’t worry!

    Don’t be too stressed about following the same feed of your favorite influencer, make it your own & have fun!

-Written by Carly McGrath, student at Towson University and University Tees Campus Manager