May Is For Self-Care

You did it, another year of school under your belt!

Let’s face it… months of little sleep, long hours studying, and finding time to fit in a social life can put a lot of strain on your body. Now it’s finally time to wind down, both mentally and physically, and let yourself recharge.

And if you’re in need of some self-care inspiration, we’ve got you covered! We’re kicking off May with our favorite self-care practices AND a yoga challenge (with prizes!) Because “self-care” doesn’t mean you need to do it by yourself.

We challenge you to join in and take some time to recharge!

Self-Care Tip #1: Pledge to not look at your phone right when you get up

Once you turn off your alarm, set that phone back down! Start your day by listening to mellow music, journaling, or writing/thinking through things you want to accomplish that day. It’ll set the tone for the day and help you get in the right mindset to make the most of your time!

Self-Care Tip #2: Participate in the UTees May Yoga Challenge

During the month of May, we’re challenging you to take a photo of yourself EVERY DAY doing the daily pose.

If you complete the challenge, you will be entered to win some awesome prizes (see below!) You can e-mail your photos to, tag us on your Instagram story @universitytees, or use the hashtag #dpclyoga on your post to complete your entry for that day. Winners names will be drawn randomly! Any questions, email

Self-Care Tip #3: Fit in a gym workout

If you can get your body to work out first thing in the morning, it helps circulate your blood flow and wake you up. Even if it’s a simple walk on an incline on the treadmill, it’s a great way to get moving!

Self-Care Tip #4: Find a good show/movie on netflix

Binging a show can be healthy for your soul. Get lost in a show with your gals while you don’t have your next exam to worry about! Having some good laughs or getting totally sucked into the latest thriller is important for your mental sanity.

Self-Care Tip #5: face masks & Essential oils

Who doesn’t love a good face mask!? Treat your skin and your senses by winding down with some much-deserved pampering. You can browse your local drug store for great masks, or check out Pinterest for THOUSANDS of DIY options.

Self-Care Tip #7: shopping

If you love to shop, treat yourself with some me time and do a little shopping! Self-care isn’t just about relaxing, it’s also about doing what you love.

Not to mention… is there any mood booster quite like looking in your closet and loving all the options you see?!

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