Top Recruitment Video Songs

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Oh, recruitment videos. The first look at a sisterhood, the sneak peek into what your chapter is like, and the first view that PNMs really have before going through recruitment. Needless to say, recruitment videos are a big deal. And like any chapter, you want to make THE best recruitment video out there. But the question many recruitment chairs ask themselves first is, “What song do I use”? To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of a few songs that are great choices for recruitment videos, along with my reasoning for why I think these songs are perfect for your next recruitment video.

”These Heights” by Bassjackers X Lucas & Steve Feat. Caroline Pennell

I had to start off with a personal favorite; My chapter actually used this song during recruitment last year and the video turned out amazing! The upbeat nature of the song provides a perfect theme for a fun-loving recruitment video.

”Love on Me” By Sigala

If you're looking for a song that inspires girls to lean on each other and believe in your sisterhood, this is the tune for you! Love On Me has a catchy intro and will make for the perfect feel-good sisterhood song.

“Easy Love” By Sigala

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with this song! With quick and energized beats, this song is amazing for showcasing the exciting things that sisterhood has to offer.

”Dreamer” By Axwell /\ Ingrosso

This choice is a little different than the past three songs, in that the words of the song portray someone who is looking to find their home. Much like PNMs trying to find their home in a sisterhood, this song exhibits the exciting journey of recruitment and make people dream at the thought of it!

Go By Maduk, Lachi

With an intro that quickly builds up, Go is a great song that empowers listeners and makes people feel like they can lead the way to better themselves. With a line of “get ready, get set, go”, this song inspires people to take action and will make PNMs think all things recruitment.

Any of these songs are the perfect pair for an amazing recruitment video, so give them a listen. As always, in your recruitment video, make sure to showcase the amazing things your sisterhood is all about and get ready for the best recruitment season yet!

-Allie Rus, Student and University Tees Campus Manager at Capital University