5 Ways To Cheer Your Friends Up During Finals

Let's face it finals are stressful and can often times get the better of us. Take a minute to jot down your favorites from this list of nice things you can do to help your friends get through this stress filled time. Here’s to being a great friend and conquering the end of the semester!

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Tell them good luck

Whether that’s leaving them a note or sending them a text right before they’re about to take a test, it’s a nice reminder and shows them you care.

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Bring them coffee or tea

Drop off their favorite coffee or tea order while they’re studying. This will be a nice break and who doesn’t need more caffeine while studying?

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Leave them encouraging notes

Even if that’s leaving a sticky not on their door for them to see as they’re leaving for class. It’s a nice reminder and a great way to up their spirit during the stress of finals.

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Grab lunch together

Take a break and grab lunch with them, it’s nice to take a break from studying and actually interact with other humans after being locked away stressing about finals.

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Give them their space

Finals are stressful so don’t feel bad if you and your bestie aren’t talking 24/7. Sometimes you need to study by yourself undistracted and this doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.

-Tyler Postma, Student and University Tees Campus Manager at The University of Northern Iowa