How To Dress Baseball Chic


The All-American baseball look is a trend we can’t get enough of and probably will never go out of style. But let's face it... there's a good chance you're not going to a baseball game when you’re in your baseball tee.


Tucked In With A Belt

Do you favor a preppy look? Dress your baseball tee up with statement white jeans and tuck it in with a belt.


Oversized Look

The classic oversized top, a fan favorite. The oversized baseball tee is perfect for traveling or a warmer climate for a comfortable outfit.

Boyfriend Jeans-1jpg

Boyfriend Jeans

Pair this tee with boyfriend jeans for a sporty yet favorable look!

Leather Leggings-1.jpg

Leather Leggings

We are OBSESSED with this choice. Who would of thought leather leggings and a baseball tee could pair so well together?!



You’re rocking the baseball jersey and braids, but the accessories brings it all together. In case you do find yourself at a game!


With Shorts

This outfit is one of the classic choices to go with. It’s simple and looks good with the baseball tee being the star!