Planning For Fall Recruitment In The Spring

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Spring is the perfect time to plan for all things RECRUITMENT. The season brings about blossoming ideas and gives enough time to discuss the topic before leaving for summer break. Here are some tips to help plan for recruitment early, and hopefully save you some time and headaches down the road.

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Color scheme/recruitment themes

Color schemes and recruitment themes, the beauty of recruitment. Every member dreams of their recruitment being super cute and aesthetically pleasing, so now it is YOUR chance to plan out what you want recruitment to look like. Whether you want to have a girly and pink color scheme for round one, or you're thinking you want more of an edgy vibe, it's your choice! Some chapters and schools do full-on recruitment themes, so if this applies to you, it’s important to start brainstorming ideas. Pinterest is super helpful when looking for ideas, so start a board and share it with some members from your committee or executive board to start getting some different options flowing.


Now that you’ve got a color scheme narrowed down, it’s time to start thinking about outfits; again, Pinterest is a recruitment gold mine, so use it to keep track of all your ideas. If you want to have more of a girly feel, maybe go with a light pink recruitment shirt with some light wash jeans. Overall, it’s important to make sure you pick a scheme and run with it. Like I said earlier, this is your time to shine when it comes to all things recruitment, so trust your gut and remember that it is nearly impossible to please everyone in your chapter, so don’t take criticism to heart! Be sure to contact your campus manager when it comes to this step because just like you, they are super excited for recruitment and want to help you get the cutest shirts for your chapter!

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The next step is figuring out banners and decorations, and if I haven't talked about this app enough, head over to Pinterest for some inspiration! There are so many ideas for recruitment banners, and decorations that will have PNMs will thinking about your house all day long. Start a board with decoration ideas and talk with your recruitment committee to get feedback. Feedback from your committee is super important because they can give insight and new ideas that you may have never even thought of! If your chapter typically makes decorations for recruitment, start thinking about who you want to take on that task and always ask for commitment early on. Decorations are a huge part of creating that feel you want to convey during recruitment and it never hurts to plan things out early on, so get to thinking!

Showcase Philanthropies

Philanthropy round, oh philanthropy round; this is where things get a bit tricky. As a recruitment chair, you have meticulously studied what previous chairs have done for this round. Like any other new recruitment chair, you want to do a different activity than what people have done in the past. Look back at what activities have been done with PNMs and try to think of what you can do that will stand out and connect with the philanthropies that are so special to each chapter. Again, getting suggestions from your recruitment committee can bring in amazing ideas for this round!

While it may seem like recruitment is so far away, it never hurts to start planning early. So get to thinking, check out Pinterest, and set up meetings with your recruitment committee. Recruitment szn is a lot closer than you may think and if you start planning now, you’ll be thanking me (and yourself) later ;)

-Allie Rus, University Tees Campus Manager and Capital University Student