Senior Year Bucket List

It’s finally here…the last few months before graduating college.

The day you wrote off as so far away is suddenly within reach. After countless all-nighters, 1 a.m. runs to McDonald’s, tailgating before every game and cramming for countless exams, the time has almost come to transition into the real world.

But before the tears and flashbacks from the last four years start, remember not to waste the remaining time you have! We’ve racked up a list of ideas to make the end of your college experience as memorable as possible.

Cook A Gourmet Meal with Your Friends 

Get your favorite people together and create a fun dinner date! This is the perfect time to catch up and cook/eat a delicious meal together that everyone can be proud of! #BonAppétit


Go to An Event You Haven’t Attended Yet 

Get some friends together and enjoy a few hours of watching a sports game you’ve never attended or going to a school production! 


Road Trip Somewhere New 

This might be your last year in your college town. Take advantage of this time to explore cities near you or venture off somewhere you’ve never even heard of before.


Go to A Career Fair and Hand Out Your Resume

Take advantage of this opportunity to look for internships or your future career. This might not be the most fun thing to do, but it will surely help you in the long run! 


Take Lots of Pictures

Capture your most memorable moments so you can always look back and reminiscence through your best four years.

Pro Tip: Don’t delete the “bad” ones. You’ll be so happy later that you have them. 


Take Advantage of Your Student Discount

No more free drinks at Chipotle or discounted retail items after you graduate. So, make sure to do your research on what companies offer student discounts and save yourself that extra cash! 




Explore Your College Town

You’ve been there for four years, but you probably haven’t toured around your whole college town. There’s so much to delve into like a local shop, a farmer’s market or even a trail you haven’t walked on yet. Go out and EXPLORE!


Eat at Your Freshman Dining Hall One Last Time

Want to really throw it back? Go to your favorite eating spot on campus and munch on your most beloved meal. Someone order nostalgia?


Decorate Your Graduation Cap

There is so much creativity that can go into decorating your cap! Compose it exactly how you want it, and make sure to give yourself time to perfect it! 


-Gabriela Ferrio, University Tees Campus Manager and University of Tampa Student