Don’t Forget These Recruitment Must-Haves

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The week you’ve been prepping for will be here before you know it. You have your outfits
picked out and talking points perfected, but are you fully prepared for recruitment week?

Here are some of our must-have items to have handy during the busy week:


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Tote Bag

First things first, you’re gonna need a large bag to hold all of your goodies.
Your sisters may refer to you as the mom since you’ll be the keeper of all the goods.   

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I don’t know about you, but my feet do not mix well with standing and walking
around in heels for a full day. Band-aids are a great quick fix when you feel a blister coming on.

Project - Drawing 1_30-04.png

Deodorant, Perfume, and Mints

Recruitment days are LONG. Don’t be stuck in your last rounds sniffing the air thinking
“omg is that…me!?” Freshening up between rounds will not only keep peace in your mind
but will make your PNMs V THANKFUL. 

Project - Drawing 1_30-03.png

Shout Wipes/Tide To-Go Pen

You can only be so careful when you’re breaking for lunch or snacking between rounds.
Maybe I’m just a sloppy eater but I always make it a point to have one of these stain
removers on me when I’m somewhere important. 

Project - Drawing 1_30-01.png

Brush and Dry Shampoo

Like I’ve mentioned before, these are long days. You’re going to want to have some dry shampoo handy just in case! And depending on the weather, it’s always a good idea to have a brush—you may need to
switch up your hair half way through the day. 

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Snacks and Water Bottle

No one wants to be HANGRY during long rounds. Be sure to throw some granola
bars or a burrito in your bag to curb your afternoon cravings.
And don’t forget your water bottle #hydration.


If you head into recruitment with all of these items, you will officially win the
“most prepared recruitment queen” title. You may not even use some of these items
but it’s always better to have them handy than be stuck stressing.