5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Your Big Before They Graduate

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With Graduation fast-approaching, it’s hard to believe your Big won’t be returning to campus with you in the fall. And sure, you’re excited for her to go out into the “real world.” You know she’s going to kick ass at whatever she does. But you also know it’s going to be bittersweet to see her go.

Don’t sit around feeling sad for the rest of the semester, though! Instead, make the most out of the time you have left on campus together! Send her off in style and make sure her last few weeks of undergrad are the best they can possible be. 

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:



You know, the restaurants/coffee shops/nightlife stops where you already have so many great memories? Go make a few more!

If possible, get your Big a gift card to her favorite spots ahead of time… that way, she can’t fight you for the bill. It will be your gift to her, and a great way to spend time together.

See how many weeks are left in the semester, and then make a date to hit up at least one spot per week. You’ll be so happy you did!



Don’t let her forget where she came from. And make sure all her new, real world acquaintances figure it out real quick, too.

But seriously, when your Big is looking for that perfect comfy crewneck after a long day or a good workout tee to wear to her new gym, she’s going to lovehaving Alumna apparel. It’s such a simple way to show off what means so much to you.
College alumna apparel is always great, but take some time to look for sorority alumna apparel as well – after all, that’s what brought you two together!

 If she loves classic style, grab an Alumna Vintage Crest sweatshirt! These are one of our most popular designs for graduating seniors, and it’s something she’ll be proud to wear for years.


Remember the basket or gifts your Big gave you when you first joined your sorority?

Now is the PERFECT time to return the favor! Take a trip to Target or the dollar store and load up on fun snacks and goodies. If you’re the crafty type, consider making your Big a handmade gift that she can take with her to her new apartment.

Whether the gift are big or small, sentimental or inside jokes, it will mean the WORLD to your Big that you put this together for her. 



From the perfectly-posed-and-filtered photos that made your Instagram feed to the hilarious photos hiding in your camera roll, you’ve likely captured THOUSANDS of memories together! 

Which leaves you with a perfect opportunity to create a photo album 📸 

You can use an online service like Shutterfly to build your photo book digitally or go the old-school route and hand-make a scrapbook (this is great if you have any physical souvenirs to include, like concert tickets or embarrassing receipts from that impromptu trip to Target).

So when your Big is missing you like crazy (which, duh, of course she will), she will love being able to curl up with a photo album and relive the good ole days.



Whether your Big is moving a few minutes away or across the country, remember: graduation does not mean good-bye forever! 

Your Big is one of your best friends, and that doesn’t change just because she’s venturing out into the real world. She will always be just a text/e-mail/FaceTime away. Whether you are having boy problems, need a break from studying, or just want to see her beautiful face, she will still be there.

And when you do reunite in person? GET READY! You’re both going to have so many stories to share, and it will feel like no time has passed at all.

So cherish the time you have together, but keep in mind that it’s not really the end. Live it up these last few weeks, cry your eyes out at graduation, and then go right on being the best friends you’ve been from the start.

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