Getting In The St. Patrick's Day Spirit


St. Patricks day is one quite magical day, the one day where it is acceptable to wear all green and pinch someone if they don’t, and one of the only times it’s acceptable to wake up early, and even eat green eggs. As the countdown begins to one of the biggest college celebrations of the year, I decided to put together the most interesting things about St. Patty’s Day.

Green Eggs

Okay, okay, I know it’s food dye… But does anyone else just find it weird that people want to eat green eggs? I remember back in my days of elementary school, when we had our holiday parties, we always celebrated this holiday with green eggs and green juice. Ah, the simpler days. Back then, I still thought green eggs were weird - but I still drank the green juice that was provided.

Tradition of Pinching

Allegedly, the Irish tale is that leprechauns can’t see the color green. If you aren’t wearing the color green, the leprechauns can see you and will give you a quick pinch. The amount of times I’ve been pinched on this date is ridiculous. But hey, you have to share the spirit somehow, am I right?


I don’t think anyone goes as hard as the city of Chicago for the holiday. Each year, they celebrate by dying the Chicago River green. Yes, you read that right, GREEN. But for all of you eco-friendly people, the dye is eco-friendly/vegetable-based solution and only lasts a few days.

College Celebration


I never really got into the St. Patrick’s day spirit until I came to college. The getting up early, traveling all over campus and celebrating in the college ways as college students do. We dress up in green, with our fanny packs, green accessories, etc. etc. It all slowly grew on me. It’s one of the most fun celebrations of the school year (next to Homecoming and Halloween).

Most importantly, no matter how you celebrate this day, have fun and be safe. What are some ways you celebrate the holiday? Any other green foods to be consumed? How much green is acceptable for one to wear? Happy St. Patrick’s day, from me to you!

-Arden Palmquist, University Tees Campus Manager