Apps You Need For Spring Break Travel


Before you take off on your Spring Break adventure, it’s important to make sure you (& your phone!) are ready to go. These days, there’s an app for everything. So, whether you’re driving cross-country with friends or jet-setting to a new destination, here’s a few apps that might come in handy!

For the international adventure


I swear by this app and it had been so helpful during my first month of studying abroad! CityMaps2Go allows you to download maps of tons of cities so that you can use them offline. This way, even when you’re not connected to Wifi, you have access to a map of the city and will (hopefully!) not get lost. The maps include public transit stops, attractions, restaurants and more. (Pro Tip: Every user gets one free download, after that – consider ‘liking’ the company’s Facebook page instead of paying for a membership. This will get you an additional 3 downloads!)

Currency Converter

Unless you’re a math wizard, you might want to download this simple currency converter when traveling abroad. It’s super easy to use and might keep you from accidentally paying the equivalent of $8 for a coffee!


This app will connect you with thousands of hostel options around the world! Not only does it include a comprehensive rating system, it also has tons of pictures and will help you find the perfect hostel for your stay.


It’s no secret that restaurants in other countries often refuse to split checks – especially for big groups. So, if you’re traveling with others, make sure you have Venmo so that your group can settle up at the end of the night!

Bonus: TheBlondeAbroad Blog

This blog, written by female traveler Kiersten Rich, is an incredible resource for international (and domestic) travel! Kiersten includes tips and recommendations for a whole host of destinations. And if you’re considering taking a solo trip – she has a whole section of the blog devoted to this. 


For a road trip with friends


This awesome app is essential in planning your upcoming road-trip. After entering your starting point, destination, and the types of activities you’re interested in – the app will help recommend a route and provide lots of suggested pit-stops along the way! Whether you’re hoping to get ~cultured~ at museums, enjoy some local grub, or find somewhere to stay for the night, the Roadtripper app has got you covered!



Face it, after a couple hours in the car, you’re going to need some jams to keep you going! If you’re road-tripping with friends, have everyone contribute a few songs to a playlist. This way, everyone gets to listen to some of their favorites and gets to hear some new songs as well!



Waze is navigation app that incorporates information sent in from other drivers regarding accidents, construction, and other road delays. The app will alert you of potential delays on your route and suggest alternate routes to get you where you’re going faster!


REI National Parks

10/10 recommend adding a National Park to your road-trip! This app gives you access to maps of all the parks – including amazing maps of all the trails. Whether you’re looking to just drive through, or camp out for a few day, the U.S. National Parks hold some of the most scenic and extraordinary views in the country! 


For exploring the U.S.


Now that you’re actually planning a trip – you can justify spending hours on Pinterest doing “research.” ;) But in all honesty, Pinterest is a great resource no matter where you’re traveling. From city guides, to the best donuts in town, the app can help you find some of the best attractions, food, and hotels in any destination.



Maybe an obvious choice, but I personally think GoogleMaps is the best of all the mapping apps. It’s great at finding the fastest route – whether that’s walking, driving, or using public transit, which is perfect if you’re unfamiliar with the transportation options of a new city. 



Penthouse apartment one night and a tree house the next? If this sounds appealing, Airbnb is perfect for you! Airbnb often offers some of the most budget-friendly accommodations around and gives you a little more space than a typical hotel room. 

-Malia Wing, University Tees Live Sales Coordinator