How To Slay An Internship

Internships are the outlet to opportunity. They can help you score an amazing job after graduation, as well as build relationships and connections with business professionals, all while learning more about the field you’re interested in. These 5 tips are super important to helping you slay the internship game and making your mark with the company!

Be Punctual

Being on time is extremely important in day to day life, and the same goes for internships. Setting out clothes and packing a lunch the night before also helps to make things go smoother in the morning as well. Getting up earlier may be a little difficult at first, but take the time to adjust your schedule so you don’t look like this coming into the office.


Understand the company culture and dress code

This tip may not seem like a big deal until you walk into the office with completely different attire than the rest of the staff. It’s super important to get a sense of the company culture before you start the internship. Does the business have a business professional, business casual, casual dress code? These are some questions you want to ask the human resources department before your first day because no one wants to be under or overdressed.

Meet as many people as you can

Whether your working at a small business or a larger company, try to meet as many people from the organization as possible. Shadowing different departments can help you narrow down the area of study you may want to go into and can give you a change of scenery throughout your internship. In addition, meeting new people can help you build relationships within the office and can make your experience that much more exciting.

Ask questions/take notes

Asking questions is BIG when it comes to internships. More often than not, each company has its own specific way of handling day to day operations and these actions are completely new to you. Read any materials that you are given and make sure to ask questions about anything that needs clarification. Yes, asking questions a great way to learn, but make sure you write down each answer so you can retain the information for the future.


Be present & Have fun!

Lastly, be present throughout the course of your internship. This means, save the scrolling on social media for lunch, actually interact with your peers in the office, and cherish the memories and experiences you have been granted. Internships are highly competitive these days, so make sure to take advantage of the opportunities around you, and get ready to SLAY your next internship opportunity!

-Allie Rus, University Tees Campus Manager and Capital University Student