How To Host The Perfect Galentine’s Day


Hosting Galentine’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate the important women in your life who have inspired you to be the best version of yourself. When you have friends who have encouraged you, listened to your worst fears and best dreams commemorating these girls who have been there through it all is essential.

To throw an unforgettable Galentine’s Day, follow these simple tips for the most extraordinary ladies’ day ever! PSST.. there’s free Galentine Day cards to download and print for your party!

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Color Scheme

The first thing on the list is to pick a color palette that will best suit your party mood. Are you going for super girly? Pastel neutral? All shades of pink? Whatever the colors are, make sure they look appealing together!



After choosing a color scheme for your party, now it’s time to pick a theme. There are so many different ones to choose from! Pinterest is a great application to use for inspiration and brainstorming. Dress up your home to your desire and make it fun and lovable. Adding balloons and decorative table confetti can really make the room pop!

Food Galore

It’s not a Galentine’s Day party without some sweet treats! Find some bite-sized decorative confections that will awe your guests. Make it Leslie Knope style with some waffles and extra whip cream on top! Want to go the extra mile? Add some pink drinks to the mix with cute DIY drink ornaments.

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Suggest an under $15 white elephant gift exchange to make your girls feel extra special this month! Urban outfitters offers great affordable gift ideas that are super cute and unique. Also, have your gals DIY craft together! This is a great opportunity to bond, talk and leave the day with something in remembrance of your friendship. Keep it simple and make Galentine’s Day cards, canvas paintings or even develop a home-made facial mask! Download our DIY Galentines cards.



Now comes the fun part, the party! Make the memories last by creating a DIY backdrop for photo taking! Add a drop fringe curtain, heart shaped balloons or even some flowers! A party is not a party without an amazing playlist. Combine some of your girls’ favorite songs to sing along with. Whether it’s throwbacks from the 2000’s or women empowering songs, make it a dance party for everyone to enjoy!

-Gabriela Ferrio, University Tees Campus Manager and University of Tampa Student