Easy Ways To Stay Organized This Semester

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New year, new classes, new assignments, but don’t stress, The Stitch has some great organizational tips to help you start off the semester right! Keep reading for five easy tips and tricks to get you on track for the spring semester!

Find Your Motivation

Do you want to score a great internship, get straight A’s, or get more involved on campus? Start off the new year fresh and find your motivation. Make that motivation a priority in your life and narrow down what things you can do individually to get organized! Finding your motivation can guide you to the right path that will help you reach your goal.

Use Your Planner

More often than not, people buy the cutest planners at the start of the school year, use them for two weeks, and then never open them again. If this is you, the new year is a perfect time to start fresh and actually use your planner! At the start of the semester, put all your due dates from syllabi into the planner. This will take some time, but trust me, it is SO worth it when you can just open up your planner to see what you have coming up. Also remember to put any important dates in the planner as well so you don’t overbook yourself (formal, philanthropy events, work, etc.) throughout the semester!

Write Out Your Weekly Routine

Writing out your weekly schedule is also a great way to get organized right at the start of the semester. It allows you to visualize what you have going on at certain times of the day and can really benefit you when trying to plan out when to balance school work and free time.

Don’t Forget To Set Aside Time For Schoolwork!

The beginning of the semester is exciting-- you get to see friends and sisters again, but it’s always important to remember to set aside time for school. It will be hard to say no at times, but remember that life is all about balance, and college is no exception. Schoolwork is super important so remember to buckle down this semester and get stuff gone!

Make To-Do Lists At The Start Of Each Day/Week

There’s just something about checking a task off of your to do list that gives off the BEST feeling. To-do lists have helped me stay super organized this past semester and help get tasks accomplished. Even if it is a small task, to-do lists can be a little celebration of productivity and can also be a reminder of the other things you have to get done.

Use these tips and tricks to help set the tone for a great spring semester, and remember that despite whatever hard classes, assignments, or projects that come up throughout the semester, you’ve got this!