Comfort Colors: Not A Brand, But A Lifestyle

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So. You’ve gone off to college after 4 years of high school where everyone dressed to impress. Waking up an hour before having to be in homeroom to make sure your hair and makeup looked just right to spend your day in class. Where you wore skinny jeans to school for 8 hours a day WILLINGLY. And not a day passed without having your style nailed down.

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Enter: College. A world were the least effort you can put into your back to school style, the better. But what’s the most vital part of your new school uniform? If you’re thinking a giant t shirt the size of a parachute, you’re right on the money. And the most highly coveted t shirts? COMFORT COLORS! You know them and you love them - the worn in, relaxed fits in vintagey washed out colors to memorialize pretty much any event on campus. They’re a must have for every college student.

If you’re in a fraternity or sorority, it’s basically a given that you’ll get a shirt for any mixer, function, or philanthropy event you hold. And what’s better than getting to throw on a fresh XL pocket tee to go to the event? Probably nothing.

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And can we talk about the colors?! I think I’ve come to a point in my life where I identify everyday objects by their comfort colors counterpart. My bedding? Definitely Chalky Mint. My backpack? A spot on match for Lagoon Blue. My living room accents? Granite, Pepper, and a slight hint of Chambray. And trust me: Banana and Butter are NOT the same.

Comfort Colors can also be really versatile believe it or not. For me, my absolute go to outfit is an XL tee and running shorts for class. But if you’re unlike me and like to look like you tried with your outfit, a Comfort Colors tee with jeans and cute shoes can hit the spot. And don’t even get me started on transitioning into Fall!! There’s about a 2 week period that consists of me switching my nike shorts to my trusty black leggings to pair with my tees.

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Don’t think they’ve just stopped at tshirts either. We’ve also been blessed with CREWNECKS that are borderline life altering. I was never a crewneck fan until Comfort Colors came into my life. Now I wouldn’t be caught dead in any other sweatshirt. It’s giant, it’s loose at the bottom for extra comfort, and of course it comes in all of those amazing colors. Have you ever seen one of them embroidered? 11/10 would recommend.

Believe it or not, they help us change lives. Tons of organizations support philanthropies and local charities and one of the most popular fundraiser ideas are t-shirt sales! It’s rewarding to be able to give to someone in need, and it’s a nice feeling when we get to represent that cause as well.

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The options are also endless. You can bring any idea to life on a comfort colors tee. Really - any idea! Honestly seeing all of the creative designs t-shirt and merch chairs come up with is really fun to look at. It really gives each organization their own brand and vibe on campus.

And last but not least, you know you’re getting a quality product with Comfort Colors tees. You know you’ll never fall prisoner to a see through white shirt or a too tight fit. Comfort Colors is the real MVP and is truly looking out for us when they designed these tees - shout out to you, CC. Never change.

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- Krystyna Krez, East Carolina Pirates and University Tees Live Sales Coordinator

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