How To Make Room In Your Closet For More T-Shirts

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We all know that feeling.

You just bought yourself a new t-shirt or crewneck (that you absolutely deserved, by the way). You LOVE it. You try it on, confirm that this was a great decision, then carefully fold it to lovingly put it away…

...and realize that your drawer, shelves, or tub-under-your-bed literally cannot contain one more thing. You are officially out of room.

Don’t worry. Like I said, we all know that feeling. We have all been there. So if you’re wondering how on earth to continue supporting your love of all things apparel, here are a few tips we’ve found useful over the years.

1. Sell Your Apparel in your Sorority’s Shirt Swap on Facebook

This is why the Shirt Swap groups on Facebook were invented! Let’s face it -- we all have a few things that we don’t really wear anymore, but they mean a lot to us. We want them to be loved. And this is why putting them up for sale in your sorority’s Shirt Swap could be the perfect move! You can re-home those few pieces that just aren’t making the cut when it comes to your weekly wardrobe. Give them the chance to become another sister’s absolute favorite thing to wear!

Bonus: You can use the money you make to get even MORE sorority apparel!

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2 - Create a T-Shirt Quilt

It’s cozy, it’s practical, and it’s completely personalized to you! This is also a great option for those pieces where you love the design more than you love how the actual apparel fits on you -- maybe it shrunk in the wash, maybe it has a few holes or stains, or maybe it was just never your favorite fit to being with. Turn that design into a square of your quilt and give it a brand new life!

Bonus: This is a great way to make a TON of room for new t-shirts all at once while still paying respect to the shirts or crewnecks that have been with you since the beginning.

3 - Pass A Few Pieces Down to Your Little

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You know who is going to love your “vintage” date-party shirt from two years ago? Your oversized crew with an out-of-date pop culture reference? Your shirt you actually own two of because you ordered one and then better colors came out so you got another one?

That’s right -- YOUR LITTLE!

There’s nothing better in this world than spoiling your fam. So go ahead! Brighten up her day with a gift basket of some of your classics. Surprising the people you love is sure to put a smile on their face AND yours.

4 - Invest in More Storage

Not ready to part with any of your pieces just yet? No worries -- that just means that you need to make a little more room!

Target or Ikea are great places to find more shelves or a tub to fit under your bed. Or, if you’d rather spend that money on new t-shirts, you can check out Pinterest, which always seems to have crazy new ways to fold and organize your clothes to make more room.

No matter how full your closet seems, we know there is always room for more t-shirts.

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