What I Wish I'd Known Going Into Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is around the corner *que the anxiety*. That's perfectly normal. Recruitment isn’t as scary as you may think. Our Campus Managers are sharing the few things they wish they'd known going into recruitment to help tackle your nerves. 

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The girls on the other side are just as nervous as you are! Just be genuine and trust the process and you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.
— Jessica Hershman, Hofstra University

It can seem more superficial than it actually is at the beginning, but if you stick it through towards the end you can really start to see where you belong, and it’s DEFINITELY worth it when you find your forever home and your sisters for life.
— Osaso Ighodaro, University of Arizona
Follow your heart, 110%. Do not pick a Greek organization just because your best friend or roommate loves them, pick an organization that makes you feel happy and can help you reach your full potential.
— Alexandra Marcantonio, Saint Joseph’s University
Always remember to smile and have fun learning about each house, even the ones you may not think you want. Trust me, girls made such great friendships with the girls who rushed them in houses they didn’t even end up joining! Also, if you go to a warm weather school like I do, bring a few mini fans and changes of batteries (also, a change of shoes for in between rounds won’t hurt).
— Allie Luntz, the University of Florida
I feel like sometimes people think your sorority is the be-all and end-all of college, and that is definitely not the case. Your involvement in greek life is what you make it! You could be president and go to every event or just hang around for the free t-shirts and food, but either way you’re going to meet awesome girls and lifelong friends.
— Kelly Price, The College of William and Mary
Try to not let your friend’s opinions sway which chapters you cut. Go in with an open mind and select chapters that you truly develop a strong connection with, that way you’ll find a place where you’re truly happy and comfortable!
— Hannah Quimby, Iowa State University
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Focus on yourself during this exciting time! During recruitment, you’re trying to get a feel for if this is the right fit or not. Comparing your interactions to others will hurt you in the end. As frightening as recruitment can be, don’t forget to be true to yourself. By focusing on yourself and the interactions you have with sisters, you can get an idea of whether you should stay or look at other organizations.
— Emily Hampton, Plattsburgh State University

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