A Sisterhood Chair’s Guide To Success: My Top 5 Favorite Sisterhood Events


Between the craziness of recruitment, date functions, formals, and philanthropy events, it can be really easy to leave sisterhood events in the dust and forget the importance of spending quality time with your sisters! To help avoid this, I wanted to share a list of 5 sisterhood events that really hit it off in my chapter. With a little bit of prior planning, these events are the perfect way to get your chapter excited about sisterhood! 

1. Back-in-Black

One of the most beloved traditions in my chapter is our “Back-in-Black” sisterhood event. We host this chapter-only event during the first week of classes and it serves as the ultimate welcome back to campus. The goal of the event is to gather your chapter early in the semester so that everyone can catch up, hangout, and enjoy a fun night before things start to get hectic. We host the event at a local restaurant but a bar or your chapter house could work too!  We order TONS of food, traditionally girls wear all-black (hence the name), and we (of course) take lots of photos. This glorified “girls-night” is the perfect way to gather your chapter and get them excited for the semester ahead! 

2. Olympic Games

This year my chapter hosted our first annual “Olympic Games”. This event was created with the intention of mixing up member classes and family lines so that members could bond with sisters that they might not normally hang out with or see regularly! I divided up the teams accordingly, came up with a few ridiculous games (thank you Pinterest), and allotted points to each game. To ensure that lots of girls participate, the key is to pick a prize that is sought-after within your chapter. I chose a $100 gift card to a local restaurant that everyone loves, but free apparel or even an extra date to your next date function would work just as well! My chapter had tons of fun with this event and the winning team was so excited that they used their gift card to go out to dinner that very night! 


3. Clothing Swap

Every sorority girl seems have a stash of dresses that they wore once to a date party or formal and are now collecting dust in the back of their closet. A sisterhood clothing-swap or “yard-sale” is the perfect way for your chapter to recycle some of these looks and bond while doing it! All you (the sisterhood-gooru) would need to do get a room in a campus building or in your chapter house, set up some clothing racks, and ask your chapter to bring clothing items that they want to get rid of. Sisters can trade their items or sell them for that cash dolla! Hosting a chapter clothing swap before a big event is a great way to avoid those all-to-familiar “can I borrow…” texts and it can save your sisters precious time and money!

4. Fitness Class

Boutique fitness classes are on the rise and arranging a chapter-only fitness class is an awesome opportunity for ladies in your chapter to get their sweat on. Take advantage of the connections your members have and ask your chapter if anyone suggests a local fitness boutique or gym to take classes from! My chapter set up a Crossfit class but studios such as Orangetheory Fitness, Corepower Yoga, or SoulCycle are other great options. Usually these fitness studios are thrilled about a group of women wanting to try their classes and will offer you a discounted rate or even a session for free. If you’re looking for a unique sisterhood event to switch things up, check out some fitness studios around campus and see if they’d be willing to set up a fitness class for your chapter!


5. Senior Talks

Senior talks take place at the end of every year and they have come to be one of my favorite chapter traditions. This is when our graduating seniors have a chance to share some words of wisdom, fun stories and/or helpful advice with the chapter. We usually host this event before one of our chapter meetings and provide everyone with free dinner (free food = the ultimate incentive). The subject of the talks is really up to the sister doing it, and I’ve seen everything from “10 Ways to Survive a College Break Up” to “Finding Your Passion and Building Personal Confidence” and even a “Saturday Night Live” themed talk! This event is the perfect opportunity for seniors to share their final thoughts with the chapter before they enter the real world and become alumni. My chapter has come to love and anticipate our senior talks and yours would too!

-Kelly Price, The College of William and Mary & University Tees Campus Manager

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