Survival Guide For Recruitment Chairs

Here we go.  Recruitment season. Exciting. Fun. Party time.  Right?  RIGHT?

OK, let’s be honest, it can be seriously sucstressful.  

Sure, it’s a ginormous job.  But you’ve got this!  Your sisters picked you for a reason.  You love your girls and it shows.  You’ve got tons of imagination and you’re a social mastermind.  We share your pain though.  So, let’s count it down from hysteria to the happy day.

Stage 1. Panic attack!  I have to do what by when? A to-do list will preserve your sanity.


Stage 2: Show me the money? What money? They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but neither does going broke. A budget helps.


Stage 3: Lookin’ good, sister! Order house tour and bid day shirts to strut your stuff. 


Stage 4: Who died and made ME Martha Stewart? Trust your creativity and order decorations.   


Stage 5: Call me picture perfect. (Especially once you remember to book your photographer) 


Stage 6: Get your DJ on.  Plan the playlist that guarantees an instant party.


Stage 7: I lost my appetite. Where am I going to find organic, gluten-free, vegan free-range munchies? (Don’t stress – everything tastes good when you’re with sisters)


Stage 8: Still smiling! (Even if my face hurts a little.) Recruiting the best for your new crew deserves your all.


Stage 9: Deed is done! Best girls, best party, best bid day ever! 

bid day.gif

Stage 10: Sleep for a whole week straight.


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