Top Bid Day Themes – And How To Rock Them


One of the best perks of our job? Getting to see lots of creative ideas. LOTS. We get a peek at what’s going on at clubs and campuses all over.  With Bid Day a heartbeat away, we’re letting you in on some of the best themes we’ve seen. Inspo for your party, food, playlist and look.

Theme #1: Draft the Best

We came to play. Here’s your game day plan.  Gear up (spirit wear!), get your game face on (smile!), and just watch how this new team comes together. 

Music? We got your covered!

Spotify Playlist: Bid Day 2018

Theme #2: I want my MTV  

You’re the VJ. Make bid day a Total Request Live star turn. Big hair meets boombox meets breakdance.  Awesome, gal pal.

Music? We got you covered. 

Spotify Playlist: Summer Hits of the 2000's

Theme #3: Tropical Paradise

Hello, sunshine. Bid day’s a beach…party! Heat things up with bright colors, sip something sweet, and crank up the tunes.     

Spotify Playlist: Travel Tropical Paradise

Theme #4: Bid in the USA

Red, White and True. Today’s the day to show your colors.  From food to flags it’s time to celebrate the stars, stripes and sisterhood.  

Spotify Playlist: Patriotic Playlist

Theme #5: Saved by the Bid

Flashback to Bayside. Crop tops and flannels, overalls and scrunchies in your hair. Smells like teen spirit, right? You’ll be totally bangin’ the party to the Max.  

Spotify Playlist: 90's Music

Theme #6: Epic Coachella

Flower-powered party. You’ll be oh-so boho topped with flower crowns. Teepees, dreamcatchers, and festival food set the mood – relaxed or rave.

Spotify Playlist: Coachella 2018

Theme #7: Woodstock Rocks

Fit to be tie-dyed. Do your 60’s Wild Thing.  Psychedelic colors, peace signs smiley faces, lava lamps. And plenty to eat –this generation invented “the munchies.”

Spotify Playlist: Woodstock '69

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