Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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There’s only one week left until Christmas and if you’re like me, you have yet to buy a single present! Sometimes buying gifts for those you care about can be quite a challenge. What do you buy for people who really have everything they need? Especially since as we get older and start getting jobs, we tend to just go out and buy whatever we want for ourselves. But don’t fret, here’s some ideas for all the people that you haven’t gotten a gift yet for! 


Spa gift cardgive mom the gift of a mani/pedi or a massage! Even better - buy it for two people so you can go have some bonding time. 

Kitchen gearif your mom is anything like mine, she loves wandering around stores like William Sonoma and rattling off all the things she wants to add to her kitchen. Go grab one of those things to put under the tree! 

Travel booksa lot of us have parents that are getting close to retirement, which means they’ll finally have the time and money to explore! Give a nice travel book so they can get some inspiration on where they want to visit! 


A nice sweatera couple years ago my brother and I split getting my dad a really nice Patagonia jacket - and my dad still wears it whenever it gets cold! It’s such high quality that it’ll last for years to come, and it’s something he’ll really use. 

Beer cap collectorsome dads are really into different types of beer. Get your dad one of those shadow box beer cap collectors so he can show off all the beers he’s tried and loved! 

Grilling toolsthis one is pretty open ended as there are lots of possibilities. One year I got my dad a grill multi tool that had the Chicago bears symbol shaped into the spatula! He loves it and uses it every time he grills for the family. You could also get a new grill brush, a grill wok, or any other fun grill tool you can think of! 


Framed photoif there’s one thing grandparents love, it’s showing off their grandkids. You and your cousins could get together for a professional shot and have it framed, or just find a really cute one from when you all were little! 

Animal Knick knacksboth sets of my grandparents have had some kind of animal addiction. One side loved chihuahuas, and the other loves wombats and owls. So whether it’s a little figuring, a painting, salt and pepper shakers, etc. if it involves their favorite animal, they’ll adore it. 

Cozy blanket - grandparents love cuddling up by a fire or in front of the tv after a long day, so make it more enjoyable by grabbing a Sherpa or fleece blanket that they’ll love!


Clothing/Shoes - every year when I ask my brother what he wants for Christmas it’s always some new pair of Nike or adidas shoes or a windbreaker of some kind. So I get it! And then he wears it/them literally every day! 

Records - if your brother is super into music, getting him some records to add to his vinyl collection would be a very thoughtful gift! Go to a local thrift store and see if you can find any of his favorite artists. 

Food gift cards - boys love to eat. It’s an undeniable fact. So you can never go wrong with grabbing an In N Out or Chipotle gift card for your bro! 


Clothing/shoeslike your brother, your sis probably has a couple new closet items on her wish list. Grab them for her or even better - give her a “mall date budget” and take her on a mini shopping spree!

Coffee/movie gift cardsif you and your sis bond by going to the movies or grabbing a cup of coffee, grab a gift card so your next date is on you! 

“Spa day” gift basketfill up a basket with some Korean face masks, nail polish, sugar scrubs, and slippers or a robe! Very inexpensive but a great way for you two to catch up over break. 

Best Friend

Fuzzy socks who doesn’t love a good pair of fuzzy socks? No one! Perfect to get one or two pairs and throw in with a couple other things for your bestie! 

Scented candlesmove over diamonds, scented candles are now a girls best friend. With so many scents and styles - you’re bound to find one your girl will love! 

Brunch date - what better way to catch up on hometown gossip over winter break than taking your best friend out on a brunch date? With mimosas and yummy food, it’ll be the best date ever. 


Sports ticketswhether your man is a hockey, football, or basketball fan, getting some tickets for the two of you to see his team play would warm his heart! Also a great way to spend time together!

Shoesmy boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with shoes. He’s always wanting a new pair. So figure out what he’s wanting this season and buy them! He’ll love you forever. 

Watchbuying your boyfriend a high end dress watch or a smart watch is a win/win, because he’ll love it, and he’ll also have no reason to ever be late again!