10 Impressive Recruitment Videos from 2018

Sorority recruitment videos are visuals that not only showcase philanthropic events throughout the year, but most importantly the bond that the sisters uniquely hold together as a chapter. Maybe it’s making s’mores by the campfire or playing carnival games together by the pier. These well-edited montages accompanied by trendy music make it hard to not binge watch! Grab a snack and get comfy, because here are our top sorority recruitment videos of 2018. 

1 Alpha Phi Butler University .gif

Alpha Phi - Butler University 


“Alpha Phi doesn’t define me, I define Alpha Phi,” not only does the Epsilon Beta chapter make you fall in love with their relationship, these sisters break the stigma of a typical recruitment video and uniquely focus on the different talents their sisters carry, varying from violinist to basketball players. #GirlBosses

2 Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania State University .gif

Pi Beta Phi - Pennsylvania State University 


Making s’mores, rock climbing, skateboarding, and game day it’s no secret that these sisters have an unbreakable bond with any and every activity they do together! Every clip was shot beautifully with an added warm filter to make the video as a whole well composed. And the added phone clips were a unique addition to personalize the video from the sisters.


3 Kappa Delta Texas A&M .gif

Kappa Delta - Texas A&M 


This one-of-a-kind recruitment video focuses around polaroid photos that takes the viewers throughout the year with the Eta Alpha chapter of Kappa Delta. The audience leaves the video feeling like they have journeyed through every social, coffee date, and philanthropic event with the sisters. One comment left on their video was “I’m only a sophomore in high school and I already want to join Kappa Delta.” We feel that. 


4 Delta Gamma University of Alabama .gif

Delta Gamma - University of Alabama 


Beta Psi chapter begins their recruitment video with a signature Delta Gamma chant that excites you right from the get go. Every clip is lively with smiling and dancing sisters which showcases their sisterhood bond, philanthropy, and friendship. Not to mention, the transitions were SUPER cool! 

5 Gamma Phi Beta Indiana University.gif

Gamma Phi Beta - Indiana University


The video begins by comparing the Beta Phi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta to trees. It was executed in a creative and unique way where the theme throughout the video was about all the sisters being unique but rooted in the same foundation, by Gamma Phi Beta.  You see the sisters explore, show off their unique talents, and enjoy each other’s company with everything they do! From water skiing, to concerts these sisters find special ways to connect and keep their sisterhood alive! 

6 Delta Delta Delta University of Idaho .gif

Delta Delta Delta - University of Idaho 


The Theta Tao chapter did a great job showcasing sisters’ individuality by including clips of girls running track, doing science experiments and studying. They focused the video entirely on uniqueness and bringing in your originality to this chapter of Tri Delta. Yet, the video was super fun with the pancake making scenes, building a human pyramid & even going on a hike!  

7 Chi Omega Texas State University.gif

Chi Omega - Texas State University 


The beginning narrative was so charming! All about support, inspiring and encouraging one another which is what a sisterhood is all about. The Chi Omega wall was also a very special holding photographic memories of the sisters along with inspirational words. Overall, this video was super fun, moving and heartwarming! They even included puppies, and who doesn’t love that!?  

8 Sigma Kappa University of Delaware.gif

Sigma Kappa - University of Delaware


The Theta Delta chapter made their recruitment video a celebration of all things that define a Sigma Kappa sister. Being yourself, passionate about your philanthropy, hanging out with their Be Positive hero, and most importantly having “not one but over 200 hands to hold”. You journey through the year with polaroid’s, philanthropic events, a campfire, and so much more that you can’t help but to smile!

9 Gamma Phi Beta UCLA.gif

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA 


Another video from the Gamma Phi Beta sisters! You cannot help but to smile while watching this! The sisters are lively, the scenes are super fun, and it makes you want to get up and dance along with them. Additionally, the Santa Monica Pier with the added beach scenes were beautiful with the sunsetting! Anyone else want to be a Gamma Phi Beta sister???? 

10 Delta Phi Epsilon U of Miami.gif

Delta Phi Epsilon - University of Miami 


Pool party, dance routine, playing guitar while watching the sunset together… what don’t these sisters do collectively!?  There was so much joy, laughter and appreciation for one another that shines through in this video. And the added clip with the two sisters talking about their bond was super funny and anyone watching can tell they have a strong sisterly bond!



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