5 Ways To Promote Your Philanthropy


Philanthropy events are one of the most important events put on by sororities on college campuses nationwide. Here are five tips to make sure your chapter is doing the post possible job it can to promote your philanthropy!

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Promotional Materials

You don’t need to be a master graphic designer to make some awesome promo material. Websites like canva have pre built templates for almost every theme a sorority girl or fraternity guy could dream of. From DG’s Anchorsplash, to Pi Phi’s Arrowspike to Mac and Cheese with Alpha Phi there is any template you could dream of on Canva. Graphics aren't your thing? Enlist the help of an artsy sister to help out!


Sometimes the best advertising comes from your own chapter. Once you have some great promo material, have your chapter spread the word. Have sisters post on their Snapchat story, Instagram story and Facebook! You can also create a Facebook group and have sisters add all their friends in the area. The more your chapter takes part in advertising the event, the more people will know about it.

The Perfect Apparel


Apparel isn’t just for the philanthropy itself! If your event is on a weekday, have sisters wear the shirts around campus the day of. Or, open up the shirt order to the whole campus! Everyone lives t-shirts, and its even better when all of the shirt promote a good cause! Want to do even more good? Ask your campus manager about doing a philanthropy order. University Tees will donate 10% of your order back to your philanthropy!  

Involve the Community

Philanthropies don’t have to be just a greek event! Have a favorite professor? Invite them over for your nacho feed! Involved in a great club? Ask them to form a team for in your kickball tournament. Inviting people from all over campus helps to bring people to the event and helps the community see greek life in a more positive light. There are dozens of people in your local area that are just as passionate about your cause as your are! Make sure they know about your philanthropy and invite them to be a part of it!

Be Visible

With so many events and organizations on campus, it’s important to stand out! Tabling in a high traffic location is the perfect way to make sure people are familiar with your philanthropy and chapter. Having a competition on chapters on campus involves the whole greek community and makes others curious about what you’re doing!


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