2019 Campus Tour

We are hiring Event Interns at the below schools!

Oklahoma State

University of Oklahoma

Texas Christian University 


Texas A&M

Texas Tech

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University Tees is coming to your campus to host a fun event to engage with students with games and giveaway items. As an event intern, you’ll work together with the University Tees Marketing and Campus Manager teams to develop unique ways to promote the event on campus and support the day of event (great resume builder)!

Duration: January- February


  1. Prior to the event, willing to hype up the event to fellow students and bring awareness on campus. With guidance from the UTees marketing team and sales team, we’ll provide materials specifically for your campus that you can leverage and ideas on how to spread it on your campus

  2. Prior to the event, available to join a video call with our marketing team and the sales team to meet eachother/connect on the event logistics.

  3. Attendance at the day of event. We understand if your class schedule interferes and we can work around that!

  4. The timing commitment is very minimal and you make your own hours. It’s truly how much time you put into it! We predict around 5 hours prior to the event max and 5-6 hours during the day of event.


  • An entire box of sorority and UTees swag in advance of the event as well as UTees apparel to wear at the event.

  • This is an unpaid internship given the short time commitment but the experience you’d gain is great for your resume.


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